Hugo Nominees Announced

The nominations for this years Hugo awards have been announced. The Hugos are annual awards given at the World Science Fiction Convention. Locus has an informative write-up on this year's nominations. Locus says they were going to add an interactive video game category but it was dropped -- maybe next year video games will make it as a category.
First-time Hugo nominees this year are John Scalzi, Cory Doctorow, Peter S. Beagle, Dominic Green, Margo Lanagan, Gary Westfahl, Gary K. Wolfe, Mike Ashley, Sheila Williams, Stephan Martiniere, and John Hertz.

This year's special category for Best Interactive Video Game appeared on the nominating ballot but was cancelled due to "lack of interest" -- presumably too few nominations in the category to tabulate meaningful results for a final ballot.

Two of this year's Best Novel nominees have previously won Hugos, Charles Stross (last year for novella "The Concrete Jungle") and George R.R. Martin (4 wins, most recently for novella "Blood of the Dragon" in 1997). Ken MacLeod and Robert Charles Wilson have 2 and 4 previous nominations respectively.
Here are the nominations for the Hugo award for best novel.

  • Accelerando, Charles Stross (Ace; Orbit)
  • A Feast for Crows, George R. R. Martin (Voyager; Bantam Spectra)
  • Learning the World, Ken MacLeod (Orbit; Tor)
  • Old Man's War, John Scalzi (Tor)
  • Spin, Robert Charles Wilson (Tor)

    This year's winners will be announced at the 64th WorldCon in August in Anaheim, California.

    Posted on March 30, 2006